Susan Wright

Susan is a green nut… but it’s cute on her! She’s passionate about protecting mother nature, loving animals, and recycling. No, really. If she sees someone throw their soda can or water bottle in the trash, she’ll assure they never let that happen again. “Why add to land fills when it’s just as easy to put that can back to work?” says Susan. Susan has lived in the Sacramento area for nearly twenty years, and enjoys gardening and photography.

Listen to Susan weekday afternoons from 3:00 ’til 6:00.

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Thursday’s Good News!

 Chipotle will be giving 100,000 free burritos to healthcare workers next week. Today is the last day to apply! (source)

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Wednesday Good News

 A woman in Colorado trained her dog to deliver groceries to an elderly neighbor, so they can stay away from anyone who might be contagious. (source)


It’s Wet Nose Wednesday!

The shelter is still closed for adoptions and everyone is doing well!To help keep pets and their people together and to support our pet-loving community, the Sacramento SPCA is holding a twice-weekly drive thru #PAWPantry to provide free pet food to those who can’t afford food or make it to the store during the stay-at-home…

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Today’s Good News!

 There’s a new trend where people drive to hospitals at night and flash their headlights to support healthcare workers.  About 50 cars pulled up to a hospital in Oklahoma Friday night.  And hundreds showed up at a hospital in Kentucky on Sunday. (source)


Enjoy The Outdoors

Walking, biking and hiking are allowed—but officials stress following social distancing guidelines and stay more than 6-feet away.Pick outdoor activities in your neighborhood. Do not travel away from your city.Lakes, rivers and streams are all open to fishing – in season, according to fish and wildlife. Wildlife areas and state land are open to bird watching,…


K-Hits Superstars Doing Good

Brian May from Queen is helping his fans on his Instagram page. He’s asked them to be calm and play some Queen hits with him. He’s posting videos of him playing, so you can play along! It’s great to see him face-to-face, even if it is recorded video. You can tell he’s a really caring…


Here’s Your Good News

 After UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called James Dyson and asked him for 10,000 ventilators, he had one invented in 10 days. (source)


Good News Today

 Miller Lite just donated $1 million to help bartenders, and they’re asking other people to match it by donating to the Bartenders Guild. (source)


More Good News

 A 13-year-old kid in Virginia has been making facemasks with his parents’ 3-D printer.  He got the instructions for free online, and says it’s the first time he’s been able to make something that’s actually useful. (source)


Friday’s Good News

 Starbucks just announced they’re giving all healthcare workers and first responders FREE COFFEE from now until May 3rd. (source)


Jobs In Sacramento

If you’ve found yourself unemployed, I’m really sorry. The good news is, there are a lot of jobs open in Sacramento. Just a quick search of the 95815 zip code found over 117,000 jobs in the area. (source)Financial assistance may be available if you are unemployed, have a small business that is struggling, have to…


Sewing Savvy? Some Hospitals Are Welcoming Homemade Face Masks

You Can Help Healthcare Workers! For some, homemade masks is up for debate, but many hospitals are welcoming the masks and asking groups to sew for them.  They are intended to wear over N95 masks to help them last longer, when healthcare workers are being asked to reuse them because of shortages.  JOANN Fabrics has…

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Your Kids Can Listen To E.G.P.D. Officers Read Children’s Books

  Members of the Elk Grove Police Department are comforting children by reading books. Your kids can see officers as they read Llama Llama Red Pajama, Let’s Go for a Drive, Pete the Cat, Pete’s Big Lunch, Little Engine Can do BIG Things and many others. The community loves it and we think the officers are…


Today’s Good News!

 The Eiffel Tower has been closed to tourists for a few weeks now.  But it’s lit up at night . . . and SPARKLES for ten minutes every evening to honor healthcare workers. (click here)